Sue van Heerden

Sue van Heerden is a qualified and registered Reiki Master/Teacher, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Crystal Healer, and Teacher for the Angel Connection School of Africa. She holds a degree in Journalism (with English and Psychology) and an Honours degree in English. She has been practicing and teaching Reiki and other forms of energy healing since 2004, and is also an experienced horsewoman and equine Reiki therapist. Sue currently lives and works in tranquil country surroundings on the outskirts of Bloemfontein SA.

Our Name and Logo

The dragonfly is a universal symbol of transformation. Starting life as a water nymph, it slowly evolves into the beautiful dragonfly as it emerges from the heavy dimension of water into the higher and lighter dimension of air. Often associated with light, its iridescence is said to represent the shattering of illusion and the illumination of the truth.

The spiral is an ancient symbol, representing the labyrinth and the process of going within, as well as the flow of cosmic energy, the Creative Vortex, and the link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Here the dragonfly hovers at the edge of the spiral, guardian of the gateway to hidden truths and higher realms. Dragonfly serves as a guide for our personal journey, inviting us to enter the vortex to find healing and enlightenment, as we weave our transformation into a new reality.

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