Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a form of energy healing, and uses the energy vibration of crystals and minerals to restore balance and harmony to the human energy system.

Crystals are known to be the most stable form of matter, and have very constant and uniform vibrational frequencies. Bringing the stable energy signature of a crystal into an imbalanced energy field creates a resonance which encourages the stressed system to rebalance itself.

Different types of crystals and minerals have unique frequencies of their own resulting from their internal structure, colour, and shape. These frequencies have certain generally accepted uses or applications in the healing context. In this way it is possible to select and apply crystals to match the needs of the client.

As with other forms of energy healing, a crystal treatment is a deeply relaxing experience which can bring about profound healing on both physical and subtle levels.

There are various ways of applying crystals and minerals in a healing treatment. This can range from using a single crystal to rebalance the energies, to placing more complex layouts on or around the client.

The most common ways of applying crystals are:

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